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Frequently Asked Questions





Q: How long does a Tabletop Campfire last?

A: Approximately  1.5-2 hours



Q: Can I roast marshmallows on one?

A: Yes!  Our campfires are made with a food-grade soy wax (no toxins) so they are totally safe to cook on.




Q: How do I put the flame out?

A: Use the snuffer provided to extinguish the flame.




Q: How do refills work?

A: Once the original burns out, remove the refill from the tin it comes in, and place it directly in place of the wax in the original.


Q: Where can I use my Tabletop Campfire?

A: Tabletop Campfires are designed to be used outdoors.  They're great for patio tables.  Perfect for camping!  Be sure to keep your Tabletop Campfires away from flammable objects. Remember, a Tabletop Campfire is a real fire and you must exercise caution while using.



Q: What are they made out of?

A: Tabletop Campfires are an all-natural, handmade product, originated in Charlotte, NC, currently made in the Shenandoah Valley of VA.  They're made out of a natural soy wax that's eco-friendly.  Each campfire is made with rosemary and sage, which are natural bug repellents. The wick is made of burlap so it produces a beautiful flame with no chemicals.  Tabletop Campfires are safe to burn outdoors and we are proud to say that our products are natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe. 



Q:  Are there any other uses for the refills?

A:  Yes!  They are great fire starters when you are starting a campfire in a fire pit.









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