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Giving Thanks for What's Ahead

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and this is an exciting time of year for Tabletop Campfires, as well as our family personally. We're so excited and grateful to be a part of The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery's Weinachtsmarkt once again. This Christmas Market runs for three Fridays and Saturdays in a row, beginning on November 30. This market has over 45 unique, amazing, hard working vendors. It is the perfect place to shop for Christmas gifts made with love, while drinking some delicious Gluhwein, and enjoying the atmosphere of one of the greatest gathering spots in Charlotte, OMB's Beirgarten!

We're even more excited about this event this year than ever before because our family has recently moved to Virginia. It's been a couple of months since we've seen our Charlotte friends and loyal customers. We're ecstatic and grateful to get back and have the opportunity to participate in such a fun market each year.

Moving to Virginia has been a great move for our family. We love the mountains, the community, and are grateful for all of the new experiences. We've found yet another amazing use for Tabletop Campfires over the past couple of months. We use a wood burning stove to heat our house, and nothing starts a fire better than a Tabletop Campfire refill! Made with all natural soy wax, there's no chemicals put off in the house. Simply light a refill and allow the wick to catch on the firewood inside the stove. It helps the fire burn longer (keeping you warm longer without having to refill the wood as often) and it gets the fire started faster. We've tried many different products, and nothing works quite as well as a Tabletop Campfire refill for getting your wood burning stove lit. One more reason we love campfires!

Every day is a great day to be grateful, and the holidays are wonderful because it's a time of year where we are intentionally more so. As we near the holidays, we will continue to thank God for all He has provided for us and the circumstances that He's given us. We're grateful for our customers, for you reading this blog, and for the products we can share with you this year.

As a special treat for reading, enjoy 15% off of your online orders using the coupon code GIVETHANKS

We wish you a blessed Thanksgiving week!

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