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It's been quite some time since I've updated our website and last wrote in our blog. I feel compelled to start writing here again. As before, this blog is not just about our campfire business, but about life, gratitude, and inspiration. Each of us has gifts given to us by God to serve Him, and to serve others. Writing is one way I feel that I can reflect to better understand His word and lessons myself, but also share these thoughts with others.

Since I last posted on here, a lot has changed. Our family moved to Virginia, I went back to work full time, and we were blessed with another beautiful daughter. We continue to sell our Tabletop Campfires online, but have scaled back quite a bit with the quantity of markets that we participate in at this point in time.

The gap between the last time I wrote and now has me reflecting on seasons in life. Two years ago, I could not have imagined myself working for someone besides myself again. I associated freedom with entrepreneurship. I wasn't wrong in my thinking then, but I also wasn't totally right. The experiences that lead me to that thinking brought me into a much needed and welcomed season of entrepreneurship; traveling, working for ourselves, being home when I wanted to be, and able to nurse my child. That season taught me not to be afraid to make unpopular choices. It taught me about faith; that if you jump, the net will appear (not the other way around, which obviously would be a lot easier!) It taught me that if I did not like the direction my life was going, to change it and it would always work out. It taught me that if my time wasn't spent on the right things, to re-allocate that time. It taught me that God will always provide!

The thought of going back to a full time job after the entrepreneur life was a little bit scary. At first, there were parts that I was excited about, but it was mixed with feelings that I had "given up." In reality, I learned that this is a season, and this is what's right for my family and I right now. I learned that freedom is not just working for yourself and doing what you want to do, but freedom comes from God, and the choice of every conscious thought to seek freedom through Him.

When you have freedom through God, and you aren't afraid to jump when He says jump, even when you can't see the net, life takes radical and awesome turns, but not every season is wild and crazy. Some seasons allow you to grow and learn through the ordinary. Each season is important. Each situation is temporary and does not define you, but God is eternal. What's important is to listen to those nudges of inspiration, and not to be afraid where it takes you.

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